New Distribution Capability

Delivering an enhanced modern and personalized experience

American Airlines leads the industry in New Distribution Capability (NDC) and delivering elevated retail and customer experiences.

In the past, customers who booked travel through third-party distribution partners may have had less access to fares, packages, and an easy booking and travel management experience.

NDC gives customers access to more of American’s enhanced content and functionality through a modern technological infrastructure.



NDC technology provides customers with greater choice through access to American’s full suite of products and services and an improved shopping experience with rich, descriptive content. An NDC connection provides a one-stop-shop within customers' channels of choice.

Elevated offerings Tailored offers that provide a seamless customer experience
Savings Greater visibility to travel spend and the opportunity to save
Convenience Access to ancillary offers through your preferred channels
Policy application Better control over travel spend with the ability to apply travel policies to ancillary purchases that are typically purchased outside of approved channels


Elevated offerings

American has a diverse product suite available through NDC that we continue to grow and develop.

Features currently available through American’s NDC Connection:

Connection and implementation options


Agency connection and implementation options

American aims to provide the most comprehensive content available in all of the channels where our customers shop.

How to take advantage of our elevated content:

Travel agency direct connect


Via a travel agency direct connect through which the agency connects directly to the American Airlines API. This connection type will require an ARC/IATA accredited agency for ticketing.

  • This may be the right fit for large travel agencies, Travel Management Company (TMC) and technology providers who prefer complete control over their technology and have the IT resources available to complete an integration project with American.
  • A typical integration project lasts between 3-6 months but may take longer depending on the complexity of your business.
  • American’s dedicated support team is here to assist you in building your project roadmap and answer questions along the way.
  • Please fill out our contact form to get started.

NDC aggregator


Via an NDC aggregator. NDC aggregators are third party technology companies such as a Global Distribution System (GDS), TMC, or Online Booking Tool (OBT) that specialize in NDC integrations with airlines, including American.

  • This option may be the right fit for travel agencies who prefer an off-the-shelf solution rather than deploying IT resources to integrate directly.
  • Here is the list of our approved technology partners.



Via SPRK. SPRK is an out-of-the-box web application that offers American’s full range of NDC content and functionality and an easy to use graphical interface. SPRK provides the ability to shop availability, price, create bookings, ticket, shop ancillaries, and manage post-ticketing services.

  • Simple to setup and completely free for travel agents to use
  • Please fill out our contact form to get started.


Corporate connection and implementation options

American’s goal is to have the best content available in all of the channels that our customers decide to shop in.

How to take advantage of our elevated content:

NDC aggregator


Via an NDC aggregator. NDC aggregators are third party technology companies specializing in NDC integrations with airlines, including American.

  • This option may be the right fit for travel agencies who prefer an off-the-shelf solution rather than deploying IT resources to integrate directly.
  • Here is the list of our approved technology partners.

Direct booking


Via a direct booking which is the fastest way for corporate, or small medium business customers to access American’s NDC content.

  • This option does not require any implementation for the corporate, but you may need to choose an alternative booking tool that is NDC enabled.
  • American Airlines will become the agency of record for all ticketing and servicing inquiries.

Agency resources

Becoming a Qualified NDC Channel

What does it take to become a qualified NDC channel?

  • The process starts with an IATA NDC Level 3 integration with American’s NDC Connection
    • This means integrating at 17.2 PADIS approved IATA NDC Schema
    • American’s NDC Connection supports three prior NDC API versions
    • All supported NDC API versions will be eligible for 'Qualified NDC Channel' status
  • Shop, book, ticket, and post-service American’s NDC content
  • Code to and be capable of selling paid seats
  • Display, sell, and service American’s content via NDC at the same levels as you do for American in non-NDC content sources

American's NDC Program Expectations

  • NDC provides the ability to better merchandise airlines' expanding product lines and to improve the customer's travel experience
  • American will share best practices for selling American's fare and ancillary products as well as enhanced functionality
  • American expects that travel agencies will use NDC content to better sell American’s products and services and improve the customer experience


American's NDC connection approved technology partners

Please contact the technology partner directly if you are interested in connecting to their API

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Travel Fusion

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Frequently asked questions


1What are the benefits of American’s NDC Program?
American’s NDC Program offers several benefits including a new financial incentive that will be available to travel agents participating in American’s NDC Incentive Program, which includes a content commitment and access to new content and functionality.
2What new content and functionality exists in American’s NDC Connection?
In addition to end-to-end shopping, booking, and ticketing capabilities, American’s NDC Connection has new content and functionality including several ancillary products and services, and corporate and sub-corporate bundling functionality.
3What NDC functionality does American’s Atlantic Joint Business partners provide?
Please review our NDC Across the Atlantic Joint Business document. For more information, please email


1Does an agency need a development team to use NDC?
While agencies have the option to develop an NDC connection using in-house resources, they can also connect through third-party technology companies that specialize in building connections on behalf of travel agency clients. Travel agencies may also use American’s SPRK web-based tool to access all of American’s products and services in an easy-to-use application, free of charge.
2Is production support provided?
Yes, production support is provided American Airlines Mon- Fri during business hours and 24/7 through Farelogix.


1What types of itineraries can be booked?
American’s NDC supports both simple and complex itineraries including one-way, roundtrip, Multi City/open jaw, codeshare, and interline (for carriers that have activated American’s NDC solution, including nearly all oneworld carriers).
2What currencies are supported?
American’s NDC supports all major currencies and points of sale. If a particular currency is not supported, the default is USD.
3Is post-servicing supported?
Yes, ticket exchange, void, and refunds are all supported.
4Can name changes be performed?
Yes, name changes are supported any time prior to ticket issuance or 24 hours prior to flight departure for ticketed PNRs.
5Are commissions supported?
Yes, commissions are supported.
6Are group bookings supported?
The creation of group PNRs is not supported; however, a previously booked group PNR can be claimed and serviced.
7Is flexible date shopping supported?
Yes, the ability to shop +/- 3 days is supported.
8Are frequent flyer numbers supported?
Yes, frequent flyer numbers are supported.
9Are special meals supported?
Yes, special meals and pre-order meals are supported – the new option to pre-purchase meals is coming soon.
10How do schedule change notifications and re-accommodation work?
American’s NDC solution was designed for the complex travel agency use case in mind, and has 899 queues available for use, 100 of which are dedicated to airline change notifications including schedule changes and re-accommodation.

Incentive program

1What is American’s NDC Incentive Program?
American’s NDC Incentive Program offers travel agencies $2.00 USD per flight segment on AA NDC Net Tickets booked outside of the GDS and ticketed using an American-approved NDC connection that is Level 3 Certified by IATA. For example, an eligible connecting round trip ticket from ORD-LHR with two outbound segments (ORD-NYC and NYC-LHR) and two inbound segments (LHR-NYC and NYC-ORD) comprises four segments eligible for $8.00 USD total payment from American’s NDC Incentive Program.
2Is the NDC Incentive Program available to travel agencies in all points of sale?
The program applies to all points of sale; there are limited circumstances where American’s NDC content may not be available.
3How are American’s NDC Incentive Program payments processed?
American’s NDC Incentive will be a back-end payment settled through existing ARC/BSP ACM (Agency Credit Memo).
4How does a travel agency sign up for American’s NDC Incentive Program and access American’s NDC content?
Please fill out our contact form to learn more about where to begin
5Is there a cap on what a travel agency can earn?
American’s NDC Incentive applies to every eligible booking with no minimum volume or cap on incentive earnings.


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