Building a More Sustainable Airline

American's sustainability strategy is aimed at reducing the environmental impact of air travel. Our goal is reaching net zero emissions by 2050, together with our customers and industry partners. We also strive to provide environmentally conscious options and benefits to our valued corporate and agency customers.

American has committed to develop a science-based target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, supporting its existing commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Doing Our Part

We're acting on our commitment to minimize the impacts of air travel on the environment in a number of ways, from our many operational initiatives, sustainable products and technologies, to playing a leadership role in helping decarbonize the broader airline industry.

Innovative and Impactful Sustainability Efforts


Year we plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions along with our oneworld® partners. We were one of the first U.S. airlines to set a net zero 2050 goal, and oneworld® is the first and only global alliance to set this goal.

Explore more sustainable actions American is taking by clicking the arrows in the carousel below. You can also click here for a full overview of our sustainability efforts.

The Youngest Fleet Among U.S. Network Carriers


Amount invested in new, more efficient aircraft since 2013. Our fleet renewal is the most extensive in the history of the aviation industry.


Reduction in cumulative tons of carbon emissions due to improved fuel efficiency through 2019.


New, more fuel-efficient aircraft acquired since 2013. Modern aircraft are able to save fuel due to lighter weight materials, aerodynamics and more efficient engines.


Gallons of fuel saved annually once our fleet is repainted with our new non-mica Silver Eagle paint.

See how having the youngest fleet among U.S. network carriers helps American reduce carbon emissions by clicking the arrows in the carousel below. You can also click here for a full overview of our fleet renewal initiative.

Helping You Reduce Your Impact

We know the effect of air travel on the environment is top of mind for many of our customers. That's why we’re here to help you reduce the impact of your air travel – through insightful tools and innovative industry partnerships. From carbon emission dashboards and verified carbon offset options, to sustainable aviation fuel agreements, American is committed to working with you to minimize your carbon footprint.

Working with our Partners and Customers

We continue to collaborate with our partners, our customers and organizations across the industry to move toward more sustainable travel.

Our Partners: Joint Businesses and Alliances

Our joint business partners have established programs to further our collective commitment to sustainability across the air travel industry. Together, our partnerships will continue to offer you innovative ways to help protect and conserve our planet’s resources when you travel.

Joint Businesses


Environmental, Social and Governance Report

For more detailed information about our sustainability efforts please review our 2019-2020 ESG Report.

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Sustainability News & Information

Continue to learn more about our environmental efforts and what we’re doing to address the pressing global challenge of climate change.