Onboarding Guide for Concur Select Access via Travelfusion

This guide details the steps that Corporate Travel Managers should take to access American Airlines’ third-party modern retailing (NDC) content in Concur Travel. American’s content is made available via Concur Select Access through the technology provider, Travelfusion. Travelfusion Select Access bookings are issued on neutral ticket stock.

The Corporate travel manager should confirm whether their agency of record (AOR) has already established a connection via Travelfusion for Concur Select Access.

  • If the AOR is not connected via Travelfusion:
    • The AOR should obtain American’s NDC credentials as detailed in steps 1-9 below.
    • Update the corporate fare filing with the new PCC as detailed in steps 10-11 below.
  • If the AOR is already connected via Travelfusion:
    • Update the corporate fare filing with the new PCC as detailed in steps 10-11 below.

Obtaining American’s NDC credentials:

  1. The agency should send an email to accounts@travelfusion.com and CC: NDC@aa.com.
  2. Add the Subject Line: "AA NDC Credentials for Concur Select Access via Neutral Stock".
  3. Provide the agency's information using this template:
    Agency: ____________________ | Owner: _______________________
    Contact email: ________________________________
    Address: ____________________________________________
    IATA/ARC Member: Yes | IATA/ARC#: _____________________
    City Code: _______ | Country: _______ | Currency: _____________
    Ticketing/Reporting: ARC/BSP neutral stock
    API Usage Estimates:
    Daily RQ: ___________ | Daily Bookings: ________ | Peak RQ/minute: _________
  4. Travelfusion will submit a request to American Airlines in ADO with the above details.
  5. An American NDC team member will review the ADO request to validate the agency's name, city code, country, and currency per ARC/IATA, along with ticketing authority, and authorized form of payment (FOP).
  6. An American NDC team member will email the “American NDC Connection Travel Agency Agreement” via DocuSign to the agency.
  7. After the DocuSign is completed, the American NDC team member will approve the ADO request for Accelya to process credentials.
  8. Please allow 3-4 business days for Accelya to process the agency credentials and share the new PCC.
  9. Accelya will send an email with the credentials and new NDC PCC to Travelfusion. Travelfusion will send the credentials on to the Agency: AgentIATANumber, AgentIdentifier (the new NDC PCC), AgentLogin and AgentPassword. These must be added to Concur to Access America’s NDC content.

Updating the corporate fare filing with new PCC:

  1. The Corporate Travel Manager must request that their AOR update American’s Corporate Fare Filing.
  2. The AOR must complete the Corporate Agency of Record PCC/IATA Update with the new PCC.

Travel Service Guides:

Concur has published a Travel Service Guide (TSG) on Concur Select Access via Travelfusion with configuration details.