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Frequently asked questions


1Will American offer a dedicated support desk to assist travel retailers with NDC-related servicing?
American has made significant investments in our NDC API and its servicing functionalities. We’ve worked closely with our technology partners to ensure these servicing functionalities are developed. American’s NDC tickets are issued on neutral ticket stock and enable travel retailers to continue providing servicing support within their agency and/or GDS environments. For retailing support, travel sellers can continue to contact American’s Retailing Support (Sales Support) team as they do today.
2Where should a travel retailer start if they don’t have ticketing authority with American?
For new ticketing authority or reinstating authority requests, please review our Ticketing Authority Requirements to ensure all the appropriate documentation has been submitted.
3Are codeshare flights offered via American’s NDC connection?
Yes, codeshare flights are available.
4Are interline flights offered via American’s NDC connection?
Yes, American offers interline flights for all carriers listed below. American has a limitation on interline flight offerings as we are dependent on other carrier’s development timelines. The table below outlines the carriers that American can offer interline flights for via NDC:
Airline Interline
AccesRail and Partner RailwaysYes
Air FranceYes
Austrian AirlinesYes
British AirwaysYes
Brussels AirlinesYes
Cathay Pacific AirwaysYes
Delta Air LinesYes
Ethiopian AirlinesYes
Japan AirlinesYes
Qantas AirwaysYes
Qatar AirwaysYes
Swiss International Air LinesYes
United AirlinesYes


1Does a travel retailer need a development team to use NDC?
While travel retailers have the option to develop an NDC connection using in-house resources, they can also connect through third-party technology companies that specialize in building connections on behalf of travel retailer clients.
2Is production support provided?
Yes, production support is provided by American Airlines Monday - Friday during business hours and 24 hours / 7 days a week through Acceyla.
3Does American have any integration requirements?
Yes. Schemas: PADIS Publication 17.2. Capabilities: Shop, book, ticket, and service NDC content. Code to and sell paid seats. Display, sell, and service content via NDC, paralleling non-NDC content sources.
4Where can I learn more about American's modern retailing content implementation strategy?
For more information and technical details, please visit American's Modern Retailing Content Implementation Guide.


1What types of itineraries can be booked?
American’s NDC supports both simple and complex itineraries including one-way, roundtrip, Multi City/open jaw, codeshare, and interline (for carriers that have activated American’s NDC solution, including nearly all oneworld® carriers).
2What currencies are supported?
American’s NDC supports all major currencies and Points-of-Sale. If a particular currency is not supported, the default is USD.
3Can Name Changes be performed?
Yes, Name Changes are supported any time prior to ticket issuance or 24 hours prior to flight departure for ticketed PNRs.
4Does American's NDC API support exchanging an EDIFACT ticket for a NDC Order?
Yes. American recently announced, in partnership with our NDC provider Accelya, that we've enhanced our offering to allow this type of exchange.
5Are commissions supported?
Yes, commissions are supported on American tickets issued via NDC-enabled channels. This functionality is dependent on technology partners.
6Are group bookings supported?
The creation of group PNRs is not supported.
7Are frequent flyer numbers supported?
Yes, frequent flyer numbers are supported.
8How do Schedule Change Notifications and re-accommodation work?
American’s NDC solution was designed for the complex travel agency use case in mind, and has 899 queues available for use, 100 of which are dedicated to airline change notifications including schedule changes and re-accommodation.
9What are the ARC and/or BSP guidelines for voiding a ticket?

ARC: Void must be performed by 11:59 p.m. local time one business day following the date of issue. If a transaction is issued on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it must be voided by 11:59 p.m. local time on Monday, unless this date is a holiday, void has to be performed by 11:59 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

BSP: Void must be performed by 11:59 p.m. local time on the same date of issuance.

Corporate Online Booking Tools (OBTs)

1Will American’s best available third-party public channel content be available via corporate Online Booking Tools?
American's best available third-party public channel content will be available via OBTs that have completed an NDC integration with their technology partner. Many corporate OBTs have accessed American’s content via Travelfusion in the interim.
2Is American’s best available third-party public channel content available in Concur Travel today?
Corporate customers will need to enable Concur Select Access via Travelfusion in order to book American’s best available third-party public channel content.
3How do Corporate Travel Managers enable Concur Select Access via Travelfusion?
Please follow the steps outlined in the Onboarding Guide and Concur’s Travel Service Guide (TSG).
4Are travelers able to comparison shop when booking via NDC-enabled corporate OBTs (e.g., Concur Select Access, Deem, Serko, etc.)?
NDC does not impact comparison shopping.
5Are travel retailers able to service bookings that are made via Concur Select Access?
Yes, agencies can service Concur Select Access bookings made on neutral ticket stock. Agencies can utilize either SPRK or TfDesktop to service these bookings.
6How can travelers cancel their bookings made via Concur Select Access?
Travelers should contact their travel retailer to assist in cancelling their booking via SPRK or TfDesktop.