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Starting July 11, 2024, we’re updating the way travelers earn miles and Loyalty Points depending on where travel is booked. Additional details, including corporate customer eligibility can be found at

Thank you to those who have already done the work to be a part of our program. While we’re happy with the response we’ve seen so far, we anticipate even more agencies are close to meeting the threshold very soon. As a result, we’re extending the first qualification window, including the publication of our preferred agency list, to June 5, 2024. This new timeline gives additional agencies more time and the opportunity to meet NDC thresholds.

All agencies on a 2024 contracted incentive agreement issued by American are eligible to qualify into the preferred agency program at American's sole discretion, which enables travelers booking through your agency to continue earning AAdvantage® miles and Loyalty Points.

Agencies will be evaluated on the criteria outlined below, which focus on the use of Modern Retailing technology to provide the best possible traveler experience when booking and servicing tickets. Agencies must be approved by American Airlines to qualify as a preferred agency, and agencies should contact their Modern Retailing business manager to discuss their individual approval process and timeline.

Qualification criteria

12024 incentive agreement requirement
Agencies must be on a 2024 incentive agreement issued by American at American's sole discretion. If, at any point, their incentive agreement with American ends, the agency will no longer be able to participate in the preferred agency program.
2New Distribution Capability (NDC) adoption requirements
Agencies must adopt and implement American’s NDC and shop and book through American’s NDC connections, meeting the progressive NDC thresholds below. Shopping and booking must be done in accordance with American’s connection and capacity requirements.

Date NDC booked threshold
June 5, 2024 30%
October 31, 2024 50%
April 30, 2025 70%
* 2024 Agency program ends June 30, 2025

The first qualification window closes on June 5, 2024, and requires ticketed NDC bookings for agencies to be at 30% by this date. After meeting this threshold, the agency becomes a part of the program (pending all other criteria being met), and travelers will earn miles and Loyalty Points.

The qualification window for NDC adoption is every 6 months: if an agency is unable to meet the June 5, 2024 qualification window, then October 31, 2024 will be the next opportunity to become a preferred agency.

If progressive NDC thresholds are not met, agencies will be removed from the preferred agency program at the beginning of the next qualification window, and travelers will not earn miles and Loyalty Points, unless they are an AAdvantage® business member or part of a contracted corporate agreement. Agencies must meet the next NDC milestone to requalify.

All fares booked through preferred agencies, except Basic Economy fares, are eligible to earn miles and Loyalty Points – both on NDC and EDIFACT bookings.

Whether or not a traveler earns AAdvantage® miles and Loyalty Points is based on the date the traveler's ticket is issued – your agency must be a preferred agency on the date the ticket is initially issued. Subsequent reissues of the ticket do not impact the traveler's eligibility to earn.
3Preferred agency display requirements
As customers consider purchasing an American Airlines offer, fare rules, product attributes, and fare restrictions should be fully displayed and clearly communicated.

A new product attribute of American’s offers is the ability to earn AAdvantage® miles. For an agency to be considered preferred, they must demonstrate their ability to clearly communicate to customers when they earn AAdvantage® miles in the online booking tool throughout the booking flow before a purchase is finalized.

Agencies must contact their Modern Retailing business manager to begin the review and approval process on display criteria.

The deadline for the display qualification criteria is July 11, 2024, to allow time for the completion of any necessary updates.

If an agency meets the criteria for the first NDC threshold on June 5, 2024, customers with tickets issued by the preferred agency between June 5 and July 10 will earn miles and Loyalty Points. In order for customers purchasing a ticket July 11, 2024, and beyond to earn, however, the agency must meet the display criteria.
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